The Westpoint tower in Tilburg is the tallest building in the Provence of Northern Brabant, The Netherlands, and one of the tallest buildings in the country. The tower is a microcosm in itself, a cross section of the society in which it stands. The upper floor apartments are a lot more luxurious than the smaller ones on lower floors. Yet, the ‘population’ of Westpoint is not a true-to-life representation of the population at large. Only the mid and upper echelons of society have their homes in this building.

In this documentary, we never leave the building, this tower and its flats are our society. The inhabitants and their lives are laced together in a composite of daily actions while, as viewers, we move straight up through the building. Obstacles like ceilings disappear and we unravel the lives that are hidden behind the walls. We share in the occupants’ doubts, dreams and figments of imagination in their search for happiness.

The stories of three occupants are woven together during the film. All three are actively trying to give new meaning to their lives. Every time we meet them, we learn more of their stories and the thoughts concealed behind first impressions. And we join in on their search for personal happiness.