Jenny van den Broeke

jenny at apvis dot nl

Jenny van den Broeke (1983) is one of the founding partner of the successful Studio APVIS in the Dutch cities of Amsterdam and Breda.

Van den Broeke makes engaging films in which genres and innovative technologies are merged to create personal stories. Her social impact documentaries benefit from her experience in animation filmmaking.

Blind Love (Blinde Liefde, 2013) investigates the premise ‘How do you find love when you cannot see?’ The film reveals the stories of three visually impaired youngsters and provides a brief insight into the world without sight. The camera work combined with animated sequences creates a visual story through which the personal stories are woven.

In 2015 Jenny van den Broeke and Studio APVIS started experimenting with Virtual Reality (VR) as a tool to turn a story into an experience. Leading up to this moment, as the creative producer, she joined forces with the poet Micha Hamel to produce the VR projects ‘No Hands’ (‘Zonder Handen’) and ‘Lure’ (‘Lokroep’). Together with choreographer Jack Timmermans  she and her team created ‘The New Body’, in which they investigate the boundaries of the dancing body in Virtual Reality.

In the transmedia project ‘Today I Buy All Colours’ (‘Vandaag koop ik alle kleuren’) Jenny and author Karin Anema ask themselves some hard questions. ‘What is normal?’ Why isn’t there room for mavericks in our society? Can we break through the stigmas by the use of art? The VR installation ‘Far Inside’ (‘Ver Binnen’) has been based on the book ‘Today I Buy All Colors’ in which Anema describes how the character Ton deals with his psychoses. ‘Far Inside’ lets the visitor experience spatially how reality can keel when you lose grip on the stimuli of your environment. By thus placing you in Ton’s shoes they start the dialogue. Van den Broeke and Anema now are working with care providers to continue to develop the installation for use in both care institutions and education.

With her empirically acquired knowledge of spatial design, Van den Broeke seeks to optimize the potency of VR as a medium.

Van den Broeke has been part-time employed as a teacher at the Art Academy StJoost in Breda since 2009.